Hezzy has a blog. aayyy

It’s been almost 8 months since I bought this domain name. I¬†acquired it in April 2017 as a step towards fulfilling one of my 2017 (now 2018) goals to establish a blog and start writing on my various interests which include music, music business, intellectual property, technology, law, politics, ecommerce and others with any interested persons.

The reasons for my writing on this log are twofold. First, it is Selfish to help me improve myself and second its communal to be of help to the readers. They are as follows (note that this list is non-exhaustive)

  1. to act as a practicing ground for me to improve and polish my written English by (re)learning and following the rules governing the language,
  2. to create more content and merely consume that which has been created by others1,
  3. to increase my knowledge of the areas that i have interest in, by researching for the development of the content i will share,
  4. to meet people who share my interests and have different viewpoints thus helping me broaden my perspectives of various issues
  5. to share information and give new perspective to the readers of this website,
  6. to have a platform where my friends can also express themselves and share their opinions and knowledge on various things

Despite my noble intentions I anticipate facing some challenges. Chief among them being my laziness coupled with writer’s block. I hope it could be possible to wish away the laziness and commit to writing. I plan on mitigating these potential problems by creating an attainable schedule of writing and publishing while also developing a simple composition method(s).

May you experience a great year in which you have the willpower to take the necessary steps to achieve the goals you have. I hope that my articles will be of great value to the readers of this blog and I welcome you to subscribe to my email list so that you may receive new article updates.

Sidenote: Already procrastinated the publishing of this initial post, It was due on the 31st of December but here we are on the 2nd Day of January. Hezzy begins.

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